NY State Senator Diane Savino Tells It Like It Is On Marriage – Gay or Straight

I was very sad but not all that surprised when the New York State Senate voted down a marriage equality bill on December 2nd. As I have written here before, I am not a romantic about marriage and view this issue as a straightforward equal protection question. Take a look at this clip of New York State Senator Diane Savino arguing in favor of the failed bill by speaking truthfully about what marriage really means today. I applaud it and her.

If you have never been to New York, belt yourself in before watching this video – you are about to see the mannerisms and hear the accent and passion I grew up with. It makes me wistful but also deeply ashamed that the core value I was taught – that everyone is entitled to equal treatment under the law – was betrayed in that senate vote. How can gay marriage still have no protection in the land of Stonewall?

ADDENDUM: I did a bit of research on Savino, never having heard of her before this debate. Finding she represents Staten Island, I shook my head. I have always considered Staten Island a mystery borough never having known anyone who actually lived there. It has a zoo. The ferry goes there and then comes back. With some further research I found what I suspected: Savino is, like me, from Queens. As my mate tells anyone who will listen, be very afraid of women from Queens.


  • Sara Dodder Furr December 4, 2009 Thanks for posting this Jake. What a great speech. She is absolutely right on every single point.reply
  • Christine Friese December 5, 2009 Thanks for this – how well put. Even my conservative friends here in MA (where it IS legal, thank you very much) are confused about just how their marriage or their religion would be threatened by this. As someone put it years ago “afraid your husband will wake up one day and say ‘Oh my god – I could have married a man!’?”
    Best of luck to all the states who have yet to give gay couples equal rights under the law. reply
  • Steve Cipolla December 5, 2009 An awesome speech that hit on all cylinders. (I will forgive the favorable reference to the slimebag philanderer Thomas Jefferson, whose definition of equality was limited to white property owning men, and whose violent subjugation of his female slaves is well documented, if not well known.)The bottom line: if you want someone to state your case, ask a woman from Queens. Just don’t bother trying to edit her.reply
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  • DianaDecember 6, 2009I would like to be her when I grow up. She was passionate and articulate, without appearing hysterical (and I did choose exactly that word on purpose). Thanks for sharing this, how inspirational!reply
  • Elita @ Blacktating
    Twitter: blacktating
    December 9, 2009See, I knew there was a reason I liked you so much. Queens represent! (Long Island City in the house!)