Jake Aryeh Marcus, J.D. is the nation’s foremost expert on breastfeeding law. She is a freelance writer and a public interest lawyer whose work is focused on gender and sexual orientation, particularly breastfeeding, mothering, sexual abuse and domestic violence, HIV/AIDS, and gay/lesbian/transgender issues. She is currently Politics Editor at Mothering magazine.

Marcus is the author of “Lactation and the Law,” a comprehensive article on U.S.public breastfeeding law, and “Pumping 9 to 5,” an article on workplace pumping law which was a finalist for a MAGGIE Award. Her over 20 years of practice as an attorney includes serving as litigation coordinator for the Women Against Abuse Legal Center in Philadelphia, and on Planned Parenthood’s trial team in its challenge to the constitutionality of the Pennsylvania Abortion Control Act. She was a member of the Board of Directors of the AIDS Law Project of Pennsylvania and was a member of the Legal Advisory Council to La Leche League International. Her writing has appeared in MotheringLife LearningLEAVENThe Philadelphia LawyerVegetarian Baby and Child, and on ePregnancy.com and VegFamily.com.

Marcus speaks at conferences and on television and radio as an expert on the legal aspects of breastfeeding, domestic violence, child sexual abuse, abortion, reproductive rights and technologies, and HIV/AIDS. She was producer, writer, and host of SPEAK! and of Kept Quiet, two television programs focusing on gender issues and political activism.

A 1988 graduate of Temple University School of Law where she was Research Editor of the Temple Law Review, Marcus attended Bennington College and has a B.A. in Philosophy as well as a Certificate in Editing from Temple University.

A New York City native, she currently lives with her family outside Philadelphia, where she homeschools her three sons.

For more about Jake, see JakeMarcus.com.