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Facebook Removes the White Lady: Breastfeeding Policy or A New Punishment for Nudity?

The day after several blogs, including this one, suggested racism as a motive for Facebook’s removing a breastfeeding image from the Earth Mama Angel Baby Facebook fan page, Facebook removed the photo of the white woman breastfeeding her baby. Okay, this one does violate the “areola rule.” But in addition to the removal, Earth Mama received a new warning – one I haven’t seen before: ...

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Facebook’s Removal of Breastfeeding Pictures: Racist or Arbitrary?

Facebook has been making news and raising ire for removing breastfeeding photos since late 2008. I have been writing about the protests here and in the late Mothering magazine. Facebook did announce the standard it would be using to decide whether a breastfeeding image is “obscene” and thus would be removed. I wrote about that in “It’s All About the Areola.” According to the official statement ...

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