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Frontline’s War on Selectively Vaccinating Parents

A recent episode of the PBS program Frontline was called “The War on Vaccines.” The title alone should have been the tip off that the producers’ goal was to inflame and incite – to assume this was an entirely adversarial discussion between diametrically opposed viewpoints. But I knew that my colleague Jennifer Margulis, Contributing Editor at Mothering where I am Politics Editor, was interviewed on ...

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Salma Hayek Puts Another Woman’s Hungry Baby to Breast

I have been seeing offensive headlines about Salma Hayek for a few days. “Salma Hayek Feeds the World!”  It seems every time a celebrity makes a comment about breastfeeding – usually about losing weight – it generates more press than an embassy bombing.  When I realized that this story was about Hayek putting a starving African baby to her breast, ...

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